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SIGA Nova vehicle manufacturing
The multi-functional trailer system

Drive semi-trailer with the tractor!
Unlimited legal conformity!
SIGA Uno and SIGA Duo

Volume transport newly defined: drive semi-trailer with the tractor.

Through the use of the multi-functional SIGA Uno (one-axle variant) or the SIGA Duo behind an agricultural and forestry tractor, harvest and transportation are facilitated even with conventional semi-trailers.

The patented development by SIGA Nova Fahrzeugbau GmbH is being produced and distributed exclusively through Peter Kröger GmbH.
SIGA Nova-Produktabbildung
Adjustable main plate
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'Walking Floor'
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Tipping semi-trailer
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Volume of excavation
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A joy to drive
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Tyre pressure regulator
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The patented concept consists of a semi-mounted trailer, the SIGA Uno or Duo and a conventional semi-trailer.

Legally it is considered a link tractor with which the total authorized tractor weight of 40 tonnes can be reached without problems on Germany's roads. This new construction was accepted by the TÜV Nord [MOT] department for vehicle technology.

The changeable bridge system from the utility vehicle industry means that the SIGA Duo is in the position to quickly and simply incorporate different superstructures. The lifting and lowering function of the airsprung vehicle make this process easy to manage. The optimal fitting with an onboard hydraulic system means that the semi-trailer and other supersystems can be fully operated. In addition, even difficult towing work can be completed using driving axles, if required.


One-axle variant of our semi-mounted trailer.
SIGA Nova-Produktabbildung

Two-axle variant of our semi-mounted trailer for even more output.
SIGA Nova-Produktabbildung


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